If you find yourself a case like this... "Denounce it"

Sonntag, 25 Januar, 2015
A few weeks ago we reported to Patrol Seprona a troubling case for Oasis Park Fuerteventura, it is the poisoning of cats
Although in a zoo, they usually do not see pets. In our case, the cats on the island, are often abandoned closer to our facilities looking for food or shelter many times, sometimes becoming a hundreds.
How we act in these cases?
Oasis Park Fuerteventura has a highly qualified veterinary clinic, each occurrence a copy is trapped and brought to the clinic to assess their condition and treat it passes quarantined, deworming and in case in need is nurtured since the majority tend to lack of vitamins, and then surgical intervention is done so they can not reproduce.
After their recovery proceed to seek a new shelter, usually we have partnerships in Spain and outside of Spain who adopt them when they can not keep the cat to have too many, we usually look for a new home ensuring that their future is secure.
The case described above is the case of domesticated cats that appear in our facilities but if our main concern is that some cats are wild, they are pups born in the wild, these cats are very few and we respect their condition since become part of the park, being fed and cared for as a guest more.
Receive the same treatment as a pet and then openly reside on the premises of the zoo, thanks to them we can fight some pests of rats and small insects.
Where is the problem?
The problem is that some weeks ago some of the cats are showing up dead or in very advanced stage of poisoning, clinical Oasis Park Fuerteventura have performed the analyzes and confirmed that they are being poisoned by a highly dangerous plant protection product is inserted into the animal.
Feed is hard to occur things like that today, but our duty is to denounce and warn people of this case so that if something similar happens not hesitate to go to report it so that it look for the guilty and stop this barbarity. 
We thank the intervention of Seprona of Fuerteventura in the case reported here.