Happy Mother´s day!!

Mittwoch, 22 April, 2015
We are not crazy! Is that today, April 22, is celebrated around the world the Mother Earth's day. And as defenders of the planet and its infinite biodiversity, today we join our hearts to this battle. Because we know that together, we can maje a change.
Discharges into rivers and seas, inorganic waste, fertilizer use, livestock exploitation, trafficking of species, the unconscious use of electricity, gas emissions .... There are so many signs of the massive increase of our ecological footprint on the planet, which is increasingly too hard to believe that there is no turning back.
After many years of unconsciousness we are paying niw the effects of our irresponsibility. And the price is higher than we can bear. Extinct species, holes in our ozone layer, acid rain, global warming ... The list is endless and the sad thing is that we didn't realize that before.
But it's not late. We trust that not all is lost. We are becoming more conscious about recycling, responsible consumption of electricity and water, use of public transport, the conscious buying pets, reducing meat consumption... And most important is that the little ones, the ones to inherit this wonderful world, are growing every day in an environment that is full awareness.
Our goal should be very simple. Walk in joint direction tryng not to be the biggest parasite of the Earth. We want to become warriors who join in the battle to defend it. She, its ecosystems and biodiversity. In the end, without this world, we are nothing.