Great success in the Summer camp in the Oasis Park that will be repeated again in the 2015 season

Donnerstag, 7 August, 2014

Nearly 600 children have participated in the Oasis Park summer camp. The Summer Camp has been described as one of the best educational offert during the summer in Spain, along with other parks in the  Peninsula. Being unique in the Canary Islands, it has been able to combine sports and entertainment activities with learning about the nature surrounded by professionals in an amazing location, as it is the largest zoo in the Canary Islands, reaching a reference regarding standards of quality.

A total of 598 boys and girls from Spain, Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and France have participated, from 30th June to 11th August, in the  bilingual summer camp in the Oasis Park. The purpose of it is learning English, in a program launched for the first time three years ago the zoo's Education department. The initiative, aimed at children with ages from 4 to 14 years, promotes  practicing  English, learning  to respect and preserve the environment. Workshops in which they  know through performances, games and activities the great diversity of species.

They also are involved in the care of animals by helping carers to make nests and environmental enrichment for the animals enjoyment. A  camp surrounded by professional teachers, nurses, liofeguards, dancers, cheerleaders, pedagogue, biologist, veterinary, botanist, and socio-cultural specialist staff.

A unique experience that  will be always reminded by our children. .

"It has been an experience, with total success. Satisfaction has been widespread and certainly we will repeat this activity in the coming years, expanding the numbers of week. Due to the numbers of requests, we had to create a waiting list because there wasn't enough place for all of them, "said the Head office of the Education Department.

"It's an educational and leisure activity designed for children. It is also a unique experience in order to learn about animals, vegetation . A great opportunity to live a few days with boys and girls of the same age and different nationality," said the manager.