Fuerteventura Oasis Park celebrates the World Tree Day with 200 students

Donnerstag, 20 März, 2014

Tomorrow Fuerteventura Zoo will welcome over 200 students of third and fourth grade of Primary Education and Pre-school from Costa Calma and La Lajita schools. Along with the visitors of the park they will celebrate the World Tree Day and the arrival of the spring in their facilities.

During this day, the students will perform activities which will help them be aware that forests are part of the sustainable development of the planet due to the economical, sociocultural and environmental benefits they provide.

In that regard, all activities scheduled by the zoo will have a common content which will contribute to the sensitization of the young ones over the importance of the protection of the forests on the survival of the animals, the conservation of the food resources and human being's own existence.

We will perform activities about the consumption and responsible marketing, sustainability and we will prove how the most common behaviours can be a direct influence on the conservation of the forests and its biodiversity.

Fuerteventura's zoo shows, once again, its concern about the environment. We know that the future of our planet depends on nowadays' children so this is the perfect year to celebrate this event. According to Guacimara, supervisor of the Education and Conservation Department in Fuerteventura Oasis Park, the aim is that “children are aware of the importance of our forests and our trees, to associate certain ecosystems to certain animals which they can visit here at the zoo and see their current conservation status”.

From early in the morning, students will arrive to the zoo. The official presentation will be performed at 11:15 by our scientific staff and our gardeners who will also plant a few protected specimens of Canary flora. The activity will finish in a fun way with the Sea Lion Show for the young ones. After that, they will go back to school. This will also be performed for more than 600 visitors who will participate in this day's plantation activity.