Do you want to be an animal keeper in the zoo?

Montag, 13 April, 2015
Feel a deep love and amazing respect for animals , is not enough to work as a caregiver at the zoo.
That well know our friends in the department of sea lions, which are used to seeing people claiming to be great lovers of nature and sea lions, and as they begin their first day of work and need to clean the poop, prepare the so rich fish that eat our sea lions, at 7 in the morning entering the water at 17 degrees to clean the bottom of the pool by hand meter by meter every day, all the love that they said  felt for them escapes and  the second day they don't comeback to work, saying that they want to swim with sea lions like a coaches coming out on display.
Don't they have stopped to think that animals eat? That their home should be clean every day like ours? That also they have to play and have fun like us every day?
Sometimes we tend to think when we see pictures like this, where clearly reflected the connection of a caregiver with an animal, or when we visited an animal show just believe that caregiver takes a display or feeding animals. Never think about all the work that can actually wear caregiving.
The profession of caregiver requires large doses of vocation, but also a certain academic and practical training. Do you want to know what requirements you must to comply to work as an animal keeper at Oasis Park Fuerteventura? Then do not miss this.
What are the tasks of a caretaker in the zoo?
The first thing to be clear is the type of work and tasks that will have to make. The animal care work is incredibly rewarding but also very demanding. How come?
Sometimes, care for animals can be very similar to caring for young children, what we mean by this ? Since zoo guests require 24 hours of care per day. Therefore caregivers often must do day shifts and night shifts.
From the cleanliness of the facilities, even feeding each animals and even take control of behavior and weight of guests.
Without any doubt is a job that will have the opportunity to meet the animals and enjoy their company, making sure that they are in the best conditions. Because, for some species of animals that have been redeem for mistreatment and have been brought to the zoo to be maintained little by little and get them a happy life can become very complicated.
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